If you are a couple shopping for a new home near Englewood, in town for a business trip or just taking a week vacation, Sun Life offers weekly and bi-weekly rentals are a reduced price to parties of 1 or 2 guests in our King Bed with Kitchenette . Guests do their own housekeeping and buy their own supplies. We supply clean towels and linens every other day and all amenities such as free-Wi-Fi access and free parking are included. Parties of 3 or 4 guests can rent our Two Room Suite on a weekly basis. Read the information you need to know to rent one of our rooms for a period of one or two weeks. Weekly Rentals can start any day of the week except for Saturdays. Long Terms-more than one week, can start ANY day.

  • Availability: We will update this page when rooms are not longer available for long term rentals. See rates below and fill this contact form to request dates available.
  • Housekeeping: Because housekeeping is not included, the guests are in charge of keeping their unit clean and tidy at all times. Upon departure, room must be returned in good conditions (sweep, trash disposal, wash the dishes..no laundry needs to be done) or pay an exit cleaning fee of $35. We offer a complimentary visit after one week for those renting a room for more than 7 nights.
  • Cooking: Upon request, we provide counter top two burners for light cooking, however, cooking meats or seafood-or anything that has a strong smell- is prohibited inside our units. Charcoal grills are available outdoors.
  • Payments : A down payment of 25% is due at the time of reservation. The remainder 75% is due at arrival. 
  • Cancellations Policy: Must be cancelled 2 weeks prior of arrival or more depending on the length of the stay.
  • Attn: Weekly rentals are exclusive for "out of town" guests and therefore not offered to local residents. If you are a heavy cigarette smoker please know that smoking areas are limited-all our buildings are non-smoking.

Weekly Rentals  

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​Due to high demand, weekly reduced rates are not being offered at the moment. 

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